Santos FC - A Brazilian Legend.

05th May 2010
To say that soccer is Brazil's most favorite sport is to say that fish swim in the sea. Anyone who has ever visited Brazil will never forget the site of thousands of bare footed, coffee coloured youngsters playing soccer along the beach front of Rio de Ja... Read >

Lev Yashin: The best goalkeeper of all time

20th April 2010
In the days when football was played in black and white and half of the World was cut off by an iron curtain, Lev Yashin emerged as the best goalkeeper of all time. A different title to bestow considering that Yashin played in an age where football was... Read >

How far away is a European Super League?

19th April 2010
An interesting situation has begun to develop among the leading European football leagues and one that could lead to the development of a European super league within the next three to five years. There has been much discussion and several scenarios d... Read >

Ramsey Ignores Shawcross Apology

26th March 2010
Ryan Shawcross has spoken publicly for the first time about the tackle that broke Aaron Ramsey's leg in two places, revealing that Ramsey has ignored a number of attempts to contact him and apologize. "I have made efforts, I've left him messages and a te... Read >

Soccer Field Positions

20th January 2010
Unlike in the game of American football where players frequently move around the field and don't stay in one place, positions are of great importance in soccer. Whereas a running back, wide receiver, cornerback or linebacker can run wildly depending o... Read >

Famous Football Fathers and Sons

05th November 2009
Through the years, famous football father and son duos have taken centre stage on the pitch in their national team uniforms, contributing their skills and family name to the game. Let's take a look at a few who stand out... Paolo and Cesare Maldini C... Read >

Soccer Stars and Their Superstitions

27th July 2009
Most of us are superstitious about small little things. But when the stakes are big, the superstitions become bigger! Our favorite soccer players are no different. They are known to have their idiosyncrasies when it comes to the numbers on their socce... Read >

Soccer Nicknames!

17th July 2009
Over the years, soccer stars have been affectionately renamed by their fans. Some pet names salute on-field expertise, others are a burden to carry, and yet others dip into the animal kingdom for inspiration! Some of the most popular footballers are recog... Read >

When Soccer Came to Brazil

06th July 2009
Brazil and Futebol are 'hand in glove' (pardon the pun)! But it's the British who invented this much loved game.The history of Brazilian soccer is a disorganized one and it comes as no surprise that its origins has many a version! This British sport is sa... Read >

The history of the soccer uniform

11th June 2009
The origin of soccer is a hotly contested topic but the game took a professional shape in the United Kingdom in the late 18th century but a team uniform was not of the early innovations of the new sport. A similar colored shirt or cap or scarf was worn to... Read >

Soccer: A Number’s Game

11th June 2009
When it comes to soccer, shirt numbers give away a player's stature and importance in the team. Everything is determined by the number, even mindset and performance! After all, there's a legacy, an inheritance attached to shirt numbers that cannot be deni... Read >